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Timetable 2020

9.30–10.30 am Fran Brown Pilates
Mixed Level/more challenging options. Fran
10.45–11.45 am 11.00-12 noon
Chair-Based Fran Brown Pilates. All levels. Fran
Fran Brown Pilates
Mixed Level with easier options
5.45-6.45 pm Fran Brown Pilates
Mixed Level Class. Fran
6-7 pm Fran Brown Pilates
Mixed Level. Fran
Fran Brown Pilates
Mixed Level. Fran
7-8 pm
8.05-9 pm

Note: Subject to change. Classes are Live or pre-recorded
Note: All classes open to men and women

** Class Descriptions:

** Class Descriptions: Pilates with Light Weights: Use of light hand weights (0.5 – 3kg) in a controlled manner adds variety and extra challenge to your Pilates workout. It enhances muscle toning, strengthening, improves muscle mass without adding bulk, increases bone density, targets deep core strengthening and helps to stabilize the joints like the pelvis, shoulders, hips and knees.

Workout from the comfort of your own home

Workout at a time that suits you

Daily Live Pilates Workouts

Pre-recorded Bonus Pilates-related Workouts

Unlimited classes and viewings

Delivered easily via a Closed Facebook Group

Or on YouTube via an email link

Payment in the normal way by BACS

All for only £48 per calendar month

Normal Partner and family discounts apply



1. Simply message me on 07900 858985 or email: I will give you my bank details for payment.

2. Access to Online Classes:
Option 1
:  I will then send you the link to join the Closed Facebook Group (the link is also posted below). Click request to join and I will add you.
Option 2: If you are not on Facebook, I will email the YouTube links after the class/es. These are private videos for paying clients only and you won’t be able to access them form my free YouTube Channel ‘ Fran Brown Lifestyle Choices’.
**Please let me know which option you prefer when booking**

3. When you have paid:
a. If you are on Facebook, the link for my Fran Brown Pilates Online Studio is:

b. If you have specified that you would like an emailed YouTube link, this will arrive in your inbox the next day.

If you need help setting up a Facebook account or going on YouTube please ask me.
Call/message Fran on 07900 858985

frans pilates online studio

Over 17,000 Classes taught over the last 35 years!

‘Thank you Fran for running such fabulous Pilates Classes….they have made such a difference to my life, so I’ll still be doing Pilates when I’m a golden oldie…and hopefully you’ll still be running the classes…lol- Ruth Elite
“As a complete novice at Pilates I found Fran’s beginners’ course a great introduction to regular exercise. It was enjoyable, varied, and did cater for not just beginners but offered additional coaching for various levels. It enables you to set you own pace. An additional extra benefit was the restful nights sleep following the exercises. See you again next course.”- Judith
“For years I have suffered from a bad back. On occasions I have not been able to get out of my car following a long journey. I even had to stop playing golf. The Osteopath recommended that I tried losing weight or Pilates. As losing weight is out of the question I started Pilates in August last year and joined Fran’s Tuesday evening pilates class. I have had no back problems since. Long car journeys are no problem and even my golf has improved. I wholeheartedly recommend Pilates to anyone who suffers with back problems. Even if you are not sure give it a try – you will notice the difference after only one or two sessions.”- David Brattle Age 53 – Waist 53!!
“Frances is a true expert in her field. Her knowledge, experience and qualifications combine to generate confidence in her Pilates instruction. Her teaching and guidance have had dramatic impact on changing my posture and overall well being. I would recommend Frances to anyone.”- Michael Shane