12-Week Pilates Courses as follows:

Friday 11th, Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th January 2019

Note: Subject to numbers and change.

Note: Courses starting on the Friday 11th January this year.

Finish Dates: Monday 1st April, Wednesday 3rd April, Friday 5th April and Tuesday 9th April


Class: 6 – 7 pm: Mixed Level Class


Class: 5.45 – 6.45 pm: ‘Small Focus Group ‘ for optimum results –  call for more details and availability

Class: 7 – 8 pm: Mixed Level Class but with more challenging options.

Class: 8 – 8.55 pm: Mixed Level Class with more challenging options using light weights

In the Church Room, Potten End


Class: 6 – 7 pm: Mixed Level

In the Church Room, Potten End.


Class: 9.30 – 10.30 am: Mixed level class but with more challenging options

Class: 10.45 – 11.45 am: Improver Level Class

In the Village Hall, The Green, Potten End, Berkhamsted HP4 2QG. Own Ca