Activation Band Workout

Activation Band Information

Optional Use Of Activation Bands
In my classes you now have the ‘OPTION’ of using the specially designed Fitness Pilates Activation Bands making it a more complete workout. Suitable for all levels…

Benefits as follows:

  • Makes exercises more enjoyable, achievable & effective
  • Supports the body while encouraging correct alignment thus allowing the right muscles to engage
  • Promotes better form & improves the quality of your exercises
  • Uses several muscles at the same time (compound exercises) so giving a full body workout and
  • Gets the heart and lungs pumping a little with no impact!
  • Deep Core & Glute (Buttocks & Thighs) Activation, strengthening & conditioning
  • Recruits deep stabilising muscles building core and total body strength
  • Better strengthening of muscles around knees, hips, back, thighs thus strengthening the joints
  • Improves Postural Alignment
  • Improves Flexibility & Balance
  • Great for Rehabilitation
  • Increases the challenge without increasing the difficulty
  • Great alternative to machines