About Us

Frances Brown (Fran) has over 37 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a business owner, in private sector management and in all aspects of exercise, fitness, health and wellbeing.

After suffering back problems herself, she discovered the wonderful benefits that Pilates can offer in improving, relieving and preventing back pain. She has also undergone a hip replacement which has greatly increased her knowledge and understanding of post-operative rehabilitation and how Pilates plays such an important part in the recovery process.


The Fran Brown Pilates Method

She has been teaching fitness for 26 years and Pilates for over 15 years and is also a qualified Clinical Personal Fitness Trainer. She specialises in Pilates, remedial Pilates, post operative and post injury rehabilitation, postural problems, back and joint pain, functional fitness, nutrition and weight management. She now specialises in her own brand of Pilates ‘The Fran Brown Pilates Method’. She also teaches salsa and modern jive and believes that, along with Pilates for correct posture, body movement, core stability and overall strength, ‘Dancing is the most sociable way to keep fit!


BSYA Dip.CPFT (Clinical Personal Trainer), Milam (Cert) Institute of Leisure Amenity Management, Loughborough University, Future Fit Dip. Sports Psych, Nutrition & Weight Management, AFAA Ex. to Music, AOGB Weight Training, Adv. Step, Boxacise, Junior Aerobics, NCF Coaching Children, Rachel Holmes Fitness Pilates. UKA/LeRoc Professional Dance Teacher.